Canaan Land makes the integration of women into our value chain a priority.

Discover the women farmers who work every day on our plots and without whom nothing would be possible :

Marie Paul

Like many rural women, Marie Paul did not have the chance to go beyond the fifth grade. 

Canaan Land gives him the opportunity to follow training and apply these agricultural methods on the Toumodi field. Her joie de vivre and her rigour in applying what our farmers have taken the time to teach her in the field motivate us to continue our efforts and to integrate many other women into our project.

Agricultrice Canaan Land 1
Agricultrice Canaan Land 2


In rural areas, only 1 in 5 women can follow a normal school course. Rosine stopped in the 6th grade. She decided to take charge of her life and join the first team of women working at the Canaan Land site. She has been trained to manage a piece of land, which will be under her responsibility. She will then have to supervise the cultivation from planting to harvesting. 


She is the first woman to work at the Canaan Land site. She lives in a small village near the Toumodi site. 

Her biggest regret is that she was unable to go to school. However, she turned to Canaan Land for training in sustainable farming practices, and will soon be given a plot of land for which she will be responsible.

Femme Canaan 3

During September, Patricia went to meet new women farmers in the villages near the Toumodi site, to help them set up sustainable agriculture and integrate them into our project.


Our operating site in Toumodi

The production site is located south of Toumodi, on the Abidjan-Yamoussoukro axis. With a surface area of 85 hectares, it houses crops, a training building and also premises for families living on the site.

A drip irrigation system

The site is equipped with a drip irrigation system to control water use and limit waste. With this system, we ensure that the quantity of water is perfectly adapted to the needs of the plants throughout their growth. 

In addition, this system allows direct watering of the soil and not the plant. This has the effect of limiting the diseases that often occur when water stagnates on the leaves.

Système irrigation goutte à goutte 1
Système irrigation goutte à goutte 2