Patricia Zoundi Yao named eTrade for Women Advocate

Patricia Zoundi Yao, named eTrade for Women Advocate

Patricia Zoundi Yao et le secrétaire général de l'UNCTAD, le Docteur Mukhisa Kituyi

Patricia Zoundi Yao has been named eTrade for Women Advocate by the doctor Mukhisa Kituyi, the general secretary of UNCTAD (Union Nations Conference on Trade And Development). For the next year, she is one of the seven first women chosen to represent women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The program eTrade for Women as been launch by the UNCTAD, it tries to promote women entrepreneurs in the digital world. It aims to generate a positive impact around e-commerce which tries to create wealth to help and decrease the poverty.

The observation around this program is that many females entrepreneurs, who have innovative projects, face difficulties to rise the digital world and to develop their company. The UNCTAD wants to build a real network around those women who achieved their project to inspire and help the rest of them who need it.

Patricia Zoundi Yao has been designated as one of the seven eTrade for Women Advocate, the 24 of September 2019 at the UN. She is the founder of Quickcash, created in 2010 to help people from the rural world to make money transfer. Chosen for her vision, motivation and passion, she is one of the representatives of the digital world. She has as a purpose to be the word spreader of a new generation of women entrepreneurs in emerging countries and an inspiration for every woman who wish to launch something.

During five days spend at the UN, Patricia met the general secretary of the UNCTAD, le Doctor Mukhisa Kituyi, the president of the Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, but also the vice-secretary general of the UN, Amina J. Mohammed. Around a high-level lunch, they exchange about the different way to promote women in the digital area, and agreements have been made to support those women.

However, the fighting spirit of Patricia is wider than that. Congratulated for Quickcash, she spends most of her time today to work on her project: Canaan Land. Patricia tries to develop a model of agriculture based on sustainability and inclusivity. Inclusive by the way it includes the small farmers of the rural world to assure them a decent and stable wage. Sustainable because it tries to protect as much as possible the environment in the way crops are produced.

Today, it’s more than 50 women farmers who have been supported on the site and the first franchise of Canaan Land. They received trainings, cultivable lands, tools and inputs. Canaan Land it’s also more the 250 000 drippers on its lands, 100 trees planted and tons of healthy fruits and vegetables sold.

Canaan Land has the ambition to build his model and settle it in Ivory Coast through franchised sites and than extend to West African countries. This company is one of the purposes of Patricia Zoundi Yao as eTrade for Women Advocate: reach the goals of sustainable development of the UN, by building the world we want to live in by 2030.

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