The young thumb Canaan Land came out of the ground thanks to an observation :

Rising demand for fruit and vegetables


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The increase in demand for fruit and vegetables is due to the continuous population growth and a change in urban consumption patterns. Today, 34% of fruit and vegetable needs in Côte d’Ivoire require imports.

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Women farmers in West Africa in difficulty

80% of the food consumed in West Africa is produced by women. However, women smallholders in the food sector have low productivity and very low incomes. They often lack agricultural knowledge and are dependent on their husbands’ land. 

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Food security challenged by climate challenges

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As global warming accelerates and natural resources are over-exploited, agricultural crops consume too much water and plant protection products that harm the environment in the long term.

Today, 90% of Côte d’Ivoire’s forest cover has already disappeared.


Faced with this, Patricia realizes the urgency of creating a new model of sustainable agriculture, inclusive and offering organic products. She then decided to embark on the great adventure of Canaan Land. 

Where are we today?

Farmers integrated into the project


Trees planted since the beginning


Organic fruit and vegetables sold

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