What do we guarantee our women farmers and customers?

To our women farmers:

Work all year round thanks to Canaan Land infrastructure

Sustainable and secure access to land

A regular salary through the sale of their production at a fair price

To our customers :

Healthy and quality fruit and vegetables

The use of natural fertilizers

Tree planting and cultivation according to agroforestry principles

Canaan Land's ESG management system:

“The overwhelming majority of people living below the poverty line belong to two regions, including sub-Saharan Africa.”

We are committed to this objective by providing decent wages and helping the families of the women farmers we set up on the production site.

“If rural women had equal access to land, technology, financial services, education and markets, the number of hungry people would be reduced from 100 to 150 million.

Africa can only fight famine and malnutrition if it adopts a sustainable production model. Thus, we only produce organically grown fruits and vegetables to take care of our land and the health of our consumers.

    “Globally, women represent only 13% of agricultural land owners.”

    This objective has driven the project since its inception. We dream of an Ivory Coast where each woman would be autonomous and take charge of her life. We train our women farmers not only in agriculture but also in leadership and entrepreneurship.

    “The gender pay gap worldwide is 23% and, without decisive action, it will take another 68 years to achieve equal pay. The labour force participation rate for women is 63% and for men 94%.”

    Canaan Land aims to reduce the vulnerability of rural women farmers by providing them with a fixed and regular salary. This will ultimately contribute to Côte d’Ivoire’s growth. Also, we give decent work to our women farmers by employing men to do the most difficult tasks.

    “Soil degradation, declining soil fertility and excessive water use are all factors that reduce natural resources and their ability to produce food.”

    The agricultural model we propose on our sites emphasizes the importance of respecting the soil and biodiversity in yields and production quality. Also, the infrastructures we install are made of sustainable and ecological materials.

    “Emissions increased faster between 2000 and 2010 than in any of the previous three decades.”

    Fighting global warming is a generational responsibility, Canaan Land sensitizes rural communities to environmental risks. 

    “Between 2010 and 2015, the world lost 3.3 million hectares of forest area. Rural women living in poverty depend in particular on collective resources and are particularly affected by this loss.”

    Côte d’Ivoire has lost 90% of its forests over the past 50 years. We are fighting deforestation by planting trees along our plots. A practice that also has positive effects on our harvests according to the logic of permaculture. We always think of our operating sites in terms of their environments.