Our story

Why Canaan Land ?

The name "Canaan Land" was not chosen randomly, as it is meaningful : it embodies the spirit of our company. Indeed, "Canaan" is a religious term meaning the "Promised Land". Although it is a symbol of abundance, it is also telltale of the numerous difficulties that must be overcome in order to reach this land.

"Canaan Land" is therefore a source of motivation, on an individual and collective scale, not only for our team, but also for each member of our ecosystem. It proves how deeply motivated we are to overcome challenges, in order to create this "paradise on earth", and to improve, step by step, the life of each and everyone.

Such a name also reflects the journey and personality of our relentless founder, Patricia, who, driven by an unbreakable motivation, has overcome challenges over the years and her entrepreneurial experiences.

All in all, to reach this final goal, it is our motto, not to let discouragement win us over, despite the hardships, and keep faith in the future !

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