Which values do we fight for?

Local engagement

This is our main driving force: we only work with actors that are either local or involved in the local development, who work every day on providing solutions to community problems that keep on evolving, as we can tell from our experience on the fields.

Family spirit

Because it is the place where people thrive the most, we form a real family with our customers, shareholders, investors, employees and partners. We build on that trust everyday as we foster open, direct and transparent relationships.

Sustainable development

"God always forgives, we men forgive sometimes, but Nature never forgives". The size of the population to be fed may be growing, but Earth's natural resources are not. At Canaan Land, we are committed to abide by the principles of a sustainable and responsible agriculture, respectful of the environment, biodiversity and natural resources. 

Customer satisfaction

Customer and consumer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy, whether they are supermarkets, retailers or individuals. We only sell fruits and vegetables produced through sustainable agriculture and we fight malnutrition by selling healthy and affordable products.


Our ambition is to become and to remain an innovative company in our field of activities. In order to be able to face current and upcoming challenges, anticipate and meet future needs, as well as win new markets, we place innovation at the heart of our business.

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