Our women farmers and production sites

Canaan Land makes it a priority to include women in our value chain

Discover some of the women farmers who work every day on our fields and without whom nothing would be possible :

Marie Paul

Like many women from rural communities, Marie Paul did not have the chance to stay at school once she reached the fifth grade. 

Canaan Land gives her the opportunity to benefit from training by our agricultural technicians on-site and to use these newly-acquired skills and technics on her field in Toumodi. Her “joie de vivre” and her rigour while doing so gives us the strength to keep going, to reach and integrate as many women as possible in our project. 

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Agricultrice Canaan Land 2


In rural areas, only 1 in 5 women can follow a regular school course. Rosine had to quit school by the end of 6th grade. She decided to take charge of her life and join the first team of women working on the Canaan Land production site in Toumodi. She was trained to manage a piece of land, which is under her responsibility. As the woman in charge of that piece of land, she is responsible of the growth of the produces, from the planting to the harvest. 


She was the first woman to work on the Canaan Land site in Toumodi. She lives in a small village near the Toumodi site. 

Her biggest regret is that she was unable to go to school. However, she turned to Canaan Land for training in sustainable farming practices, and was trusted with a slot that she became responsible for. 

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Our production sites

Canaan Land  regularly meet new women farmers in order to help them thanks to our model.


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