Become a partner

Becoming a Canaan Land partner is:

The assurance of having training on sustainable farming practices

Canaan Land has developed a great expertise in sustainable agricultural techniques. Convinced that this is the only viable operating model in the long term, we want to spread this model. By helping other farmers in Côte d’Ivoire to implement these practices, we know we can make a difference. 

That is why Canaan Land offers training to partner farmers to live together in a sustainable world.


A supply of fruit and vegetable inputs

Because Ivorian lands are as rich as the lands of many other countries, we know that it is possible to exploit many fruits and vegetables usually imported. By becoming a partner of Canaan Land, we are committed to providing fruit and vegetable inputs that can be grown in Côte d’Ivoire, to ensure each farmer a first harvest and thus ensure the sustainability of the farm.


The assurance of having your production fully repurchased

One of Canaan Land’s commitments is to enable farmers to farm the land while enjoying a decent income. We respect this commitment by ensuring that each of our partners receives a complete takeover of the production. Routing and distribution is entirely handled by Canaan Land.


Commit to promoting inclusive agriculture

At Canaan Land, we are committed to developing sustainable and inclusive agriculture in West Africa. 

By becoming one of our partners, you commit yourself to employing women farmers from the surrounding villages by limiting the hardship of their work and paying them a decent wage.  

Would you like to join the Canaan Land adventure?