The Canaan Land project has attracted actors from all over the world

Whether they come from France or the United States, they have all been convinced by the model developed by Patricia Zoundi, and they give you their testimonies:

Mathilde Yvrard

“I am very happy to be part of Canaan Land and to know that behind my work, there are women who earn a stable and fair income, while benefiting from tools and training that allow them to become autonomous.”

Laura Berliet

“Canaan Land is a new challenge every day but, alongside Patricia and for the women farmers we support, we can only be motivated to take up these challenges.”

Baptiste Grangier

Investing in Canaan Land on a daily basis is a joy, that of working with a team committed to exciting issues. We all dream of seeing the development in Africa of a new model of agriculture in which women will be less precarious, nature less deteriorated and health less forgotten.

Marie de Sentenac

“Since you need excellent vegetables for a good salad, you need a great team to go far: Canaan Land is both.”

Corentin Delbeke

“The two most inspiring things about Canaan Land are Patricia’s overflowing energy, and to be able to see the real impact of the project directly on the field.”

Camille Smadja-Vigier

“The great thing about Canaan Land is that we are aware of the many challenges ahead, and that the team is putting all its energy into it with a smile.”

Minister Marcel Amon-Tanoh supports us

Ministre amon tanoh
ministre amon tanoh soutien 2

On the occasion of the month of March dedicated to women, Mr Marcel Amon-Tanoh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Côte d’Ivoire, has decided to support women’s projects with a strong impact. With this in mind, he made a donation to Canaan Land to help us integrate even more women into our project. 

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